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Faux Finishes. 

We can make your home or office stylish and sophisticated, and new paint always makes thing look new again.


We will joyfully assist you choose colors and styles for your faux finish and also supply all the quality materials and skilled labor to execute the project to your expectations.

Textured Painting
Adding texture to walls can give a room richness and depth.
Some varieties of textured paint come premixed with sandlike particles suspended in the paint. Because of their grittiness, these paints are usually used on ceilings.  Another type of textured paint has no granules. It is thick and smooth, and applied to the wall surface, and then textured with special tools. We can make your walls and ceilings look not only new again, but can add style and sophistication. Textured painting is also a popular choice for dealing with cracks and other imperfections.


Venetian Plaster 
Can give any wall or ceiling a glamorous look that creates an illusion of depth and texture, similar to polished marble or natural stone. Venetian plaster may also be referred to as marbelizing. Gigi Painting crafts this look by applying thin layers of plaster with a special tool, and then burnishing them to create an ultra smooth, two-tone gloss.

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