Choosing an Interior Paint Sheen

June 1, 2018



Choosing an Interior Paint Sheen

Sheen refers to paint's shininess. When deciding on paint sheen, consider the condition of the wall and whether the area is high/low traffic. Here's a partial list to get started:

Flat or matte sheen provides great depth of color and is ideal for less-than-perfect surfaces.
Eggshell, pearl and satin sheens are light, easy to clean, work great in high traffic areas, and reveal color with a softly polished glow.
Semi-gloss sheens are particularly durable and are often recommended for moldings and trim.
Choosing an Exterior Paint Sheen

Our super-premium products offer the same durability and washability in all sheens, so the selection of the finish is more of a personal preference. But here are a few things to remember:

Flat is good at hiding surface imperfections and delivers beautiful color.
Satin stays cleaner and stands up to abrasion better than Flat.
Semi-Gloss is more moisture resistant and easier to clean.
High-Gloss allows rich, deep color but magnifies surface imperfections.
Choosing a Stain Finish

Stain opacity levels range from clear to solid, with the amount of pigment in a stain determining its opacity. Translucent, Semi-Transparent, and Semi-Solid Stains are designed to protect without completely obscuring the natural color and texture of wood. As the opacity moves towards solid, less grain shows through the finish. In contrast, solid stains will completely mask the wood grain, while allowing the wood texture to show through, and the greater its protection will be over time.

What is VOC?

VOC means Volatile Organic Compounds. The paint industry is filled with definitions of what "green paint" is. Other manufacturers use tints that add VOCs to their paints, but Benjamin Moore's waterborne tinting technology ensures that our paints retain their low - or zero-VOC properties.

Green Promise®

Benjamin Moore's Green Promise® designation is our assurance that the product is environmentally-friendly and meets - and often exceeds - the strictest industry standards, while also delivering the premium levels of performance you expect from Benjamin Moore




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